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We met at an office party, and she's the girl of my dreams. Select handsome boys photos from phone gallery and fake caller id.

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You can choose caller picture from gallery. Her name? Thankfully, she was up for a chat. Just be thankful. Me too. Rejecting "saucy and sarcastic" I went with "lovingly nerdy".

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While browsing Product Hunta great site that highlights new apps and ideas, I recently spotted an intriguing service called Invisible Girlfriend. Why would anyone want or need this?

And for the record, the woman behind Sophia did go on to save enough to study. I wanted to use the image of my beloved Alma Doris in this article, but Mr Tabor politely asked that I didn't, on the off-chance it might blow someone else's cover story.

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She didn't understand. Prank calling boyfriend is the solution with custom call timer for Android. Late last year, she certified as boyfrifnd fully qualified dietician. She'd leave messages, laugh at my hilarious status updates and, most important of all, change her relationship status to say we were an item.

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What about you? That was left to a name generator. Custom call time. That authenticity is helped by the fact that the texts are written by real people, a team of "real anonymous humans" replying to every message. Feel free tect take notes. Like Sophia inInvisible Girlfriend and Boyfriend is satisfying a need, and a harmless one at that.

So if I said: "What are you up to? If you want to get a fake boyfriend call with real voices, we have a surprise for you! I told them it was all a joke, and I nervously told her I was a journalist.

If people are prepared to pay for a service, and others are prepared to provide it - then fine. Yet the service seems to strive to be somewhat unsexy, almost mundane - like real life. That's an emoticon of a person lying down, in case you can't tell.

My cagey attempts to inject numbed bit of rudeness fell flat. If this service seems sad to you, then don't laugh. Or a skirt". The service isn't just for fake girlfriends, either.

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A few minutes later, she replied: "Not much, early day at work so I'm home already. You can make fake calls and receive Fake SMS notification.

You pick from one of six broad personality types - because there are only six types of women in the world, you understand. Fake call voice can be customized.

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And what Mr Tabor said next surprised me the most. Or so I thought.

I guessed I'd have to get used to it. I'd have pushed it further, but the thought of some "real anonymous" bloke texting me back made me feel strange. I half expected her to ask me to pick up some milk on the way home.

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After a selecting numberr few standard interests - "lower league English football" wasn't available - I was then given help concocting a convincing back story. People pay for this according to Mr Tabor at least. Customize time during fake call your boyfriend.

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