Random voice chat Look Nsa Butt



I have open mic setting but mute it.

Has anybody had this issue? Thanks in advance.

How it works.

Like a fistful of my friends have the issue now. Press to unmute and talk, then mute again.

But I do not want to have to do that every game. I think I may just try a newer and better router and see if that helps, but your issue seems different than mine.

Random voice chat

I haven't talked in game chat on a microphone since Halo: Reach and note I stopped playing Halo: Reach about a year ago until very recently before Halo 4. The only rzndom that has solved it is connecting to my PC directly from the modem with no router in between. During the game, the muted icon will disappear, indicating I am not in chat.

Random voice chat

Is someone just getting bored and pressing buttons now? Rancom has offered me no other alternatives and suggested I call my ISP I have random voice chat they did everything they could and the router technical support was of no help at all and half the time I called over 3 times they had no idea where to even start. It doesn't really affect me since.

Just a random banhammer? I open the social menu, leave the voice channel, then re voicr it works again. I don't even use a mic!

Random voice chat

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