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She usually gives 15 minutes of social seeking teacher type for chat a night and she thought the homework she was giving fit this time frame. For example my cooperating teacher creates seating charts by reading level and observed behavior. My belief is to get to know every student, to make them feel like they matter. For example, at Ordean there are various student intramural teams that meet at lunch and after school, but the teachers also have an intramural team that plays against the students.

She took a survey and asked each student to right down sdeking much time they spend at night on social studies and a total on homework.

If the student did not have photos, they could draw pictures, or she would put photos up that she took in the classroom and some of their good asments. In the chat window, you can use the dropdown seekinng to choose whether to send the message to everyone or to the teacher. For example if a seeking teacher type for chat received an A in math, but a lower grade in English, the teacher could guess that the student is left brain dominant, good at logic but needs help with reading and writing.

Most students that participate in after school activities do so because they are interested in the topic, whether it is kick ball or craft time. Also it is harder for a student to act up if they know the teacher has an interest in them rather than just another face sitting in the back row. Each week a different student gets to bring in pictures as well as a list of their five favorite things and three things they want to cha in the future.

This is also a way for students that are not real vocal to express who they are in writing. When your microphone is muted, there is a red line through the microphone icon.

How to Start an English Club

There are other buttons here for you to answer teacher questions. The students char it because they get to do something fun with their teachers, and possibly the fun subject can be reflected back to something done in the classroom. I know my mom took a picture of my bulletin board, but unfortunately after searching our pictures I could not find it to include as an example.

When a student responds to you verbally there are also nonverbal cues the teacher can take, like body language. Strategies to get to know your students: The first strategy would just be to talk to the students.

A teacher is not going to learn anything from their students if the student does not want to communicate with the teacher. Also if students get to know you and each other they might feel more comfortable in the classroom and subsequently more willing to participate.

A seventh strategy to understand your students is icebreaker games on tye first or second day of class. You can lead the student in an activity that they like rather than a subject that they have no interest in. Remember to be polite and professional when asking questions or making comments this way.

Professor: Virtual Classroom Overview

By giving a survey it shows that as a teacher you take the time to seeking teacher type for chat something tangible to get to know your students. Talking to your students can range from a conversation about their dog to something as simple as asking how their day is going. Pitoscia had a bulletin board in the classroom that was decorated by a different student each week.

Sometimes when a teacher le students in a fun activity the teacher become more human, not just a grown up that stands in front of the class. I remember how special everyone felt when it was their week. The student is not describing themselves verbally or through writing, but through visuals.

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You do not want people that do not get along sitting next to each other or too many extroverts sitting together because they might feed off each others energy and cause a distraction. I think it is good that students can bring things into the classrooms that represent themselves. This is important because the teacher can see where the divides are between cliques or who does not get along with who. Ice breaker game: attached Parent Survey: attached.

If you get to know your students chances are that you will understand the better. Looking at the IEP helps the teacher understand what help the student might need and what is currently being done to help the special needs student. She told a funny story about her dog that is afraid of everything. Related Links. The purpose of this would be to open the lines of communication between you and the students.

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She knows who gets along with whom. A survey is also a hard copy that you can refer back to as opposed to talking or observation. A third strategy to understand your students is to look at their past school records or IEP.

This is also a two way street if the student shares something about themselves the teacher should share a little bit about themselves in order to establish a connection. It makes teacher more approachable. An example I found on-line was a teacher that had 6th graders that were scared to be in a new school with the older 8th graders.


The teacher can observe how the students interact with each other. You can do this in the main participant meeting screen or in the participants window. The purpose of this is that each student can feel special for the week, and at the same time the teacher and the students can get to know the student seeking teacher type for chat.

As a teacher I think it is important to establish a comfortable verbal rapport with the students so they feel comfortable expressing their concerns to me as well as participate in class. Observing your students is another strategy for understanding students. A fourth strategy is to give the students a survey that asks questions about themselves.

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