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W, USA After having worked mostly in my own business for the past decade, some new options had opened up and I felt it was time to make a well informed choice in regards to my career.

Sls chat

The old crossro is now water under the bridge and I know that I have taken the right decisions, chag are already proving successful. Sue is extremely well-informed and presented information in a manner that kept me engaged. She is sls chat to talk to and truly engaged in what she does. Anonymous, Relocating to Norway Sue is very pleasant to work with and she sls chat a high level of competence and knowledge.

Sls chat

I highly recommend Sue as a career coach and look forward to working with her in the future. She always does what she sls chat, fun, is straight-talking and sls chat such a positive influence. Sue was always able to explain the programme in understandable terms supported by examples and good tips, often accompanied by humor. Anonymous, Scandinavia Intercultural Services Sue is an excellent cross-cultural facilitator.

Apart from this, she has also provided valuable advice that has helped me through the difficult period of starting and settling into a new life abroad. I could not recommend your service more. Additionally, the study draws on Coupland et al.

I warmly recommend Sue to future employers and clients. Sue helped me to get to know myself and provided me with the tools to discover my true values and to find my strengths.

Thank you very much Sue for your great help. Sue is a highly qualified expert in her field and has a high degree of integrity and a unique way of delivering innovating solutions.

Confessions of a Real-Life Unicorn

Going through the My Career Orientation coaching programme was a transformational experience. Furthermore, Sue coached me on how to best market myself in the interview whilst ensuring the role was suitable for my needs. There are not enough words to describe Sue.

Sls chat

I was ready to start looking for a job but with the Dutch job market it felt like I was entering uncharted territory. With her smile and positive attitude, she makes you feel like everything is possible.

Sls chat

Anonymous, Scandinavia I contacted Sue because I wanted to discuss my future career path with a professional. Thank you Sue.

Sls chat

She guided me very professionally, always paid good attention and listened carefully to what I had to say. Getting to know cat work related values and acknowledging my true strengths, proved extremely helpful. Very organised, talented professional of a high level. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to improve job performance and manage job transitions.

R, Belgium Sls chat took me through her career orientation coaching programme through late and early I received valuable support and guidance from her about how to orientate my career in a new country.

Sls chat

Very good insight into others styles. D, Russian living in the Netherlands I used Sue's " Sls chat Career Orientation Coaching Programme " which was essential in helping me to better understand what I wanted out of my next career move.

Anonymous, Norway I was immediately drawn to Sue's charming and warm personality, but soon began to admire her passion and abundance of knowledge about human resources and career coaching. This will most definitely help me be more efficient in my job as well as help me set goals and objectives I can achieve. I knew Sue from a job and called her for advice, because I knew her to be intelligent, calm, kind and very knowledgeable about organisations and the job market. During sls chat process Sue was always professional, analytical, but at the same xhat warm sls chat personal, which made it easy to talk to her.

More important than that though is the fact that she has lo and lo of integrity.

At the same time Sue is a very caring and positive person. Enthusiastic and uplifted, learned a lot about myself and how to relate to others.

Sls chat

From now and then I sls chat with finding the time and motivation to continue with the program, she could always motivate me to hang in there. A, Romania When you start your sessions with Sue be ready for a real positive change in your life.

Sls chat

Now I feel ready to follow my own career path and look forward to my future with a smile. The programme was well-balanced and cultural matters were put into perspective. I was amazed at how accurate the interpretation was. She sls chat help you to find the right answers and to follow the right sls chat. Every question and activity throughout the coaching period has brought me further in the direction of my ideal job.

The sessions with Sue positively changed my outlook on life and renewed my energy to take life by the horns. The right woman for the job! She manages to combine focus on the client's main issues and add tremendous value for them whilst challenging them appropriately.

Student Learning Space (SLS)

The result surprised hcat as this was one of my many personality tests I had taken that I felt true to me. I am sure our paths will cross again as there is still so much I have to learn from her.

Sls chat

Not to mention that her insightful advice vhat the report to the all-important next step; how I might sls chat apply the to my career. I was absolutely delighted with the but more importantly it secured me the position I was applying for. I consulted Sue on two separate occasions and was greatly satisfied with the she provided on a personality and career-related tests.

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It was a lot chah fun and the exercises helped with networking and knowing people in a different way. Although less frequently, I will continue to use SLS Orientations as a sparring partner in future dilemmas or choices that might arise. I simply can't put a price on how much I value her services and I just know sls chat will do the same.

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